Gladys Bay

8 Most Important Traits You Want in A Host/Emcee

If you want to have the perfect event, then you need the top emcee in Singapore to help you achieve that. The reason is simple. A good host will always push the limits and ensure that they connect with and educate the audience adequately. This will help push the event experience to the next level, with results being second to none. Hiring a bilingual Emcee in Singapore might actually come in handy, and with the right approach and ideas you will be able to make this work in no time.

But what traits should you look for in your host/ Emcee? Here are some of the things to keep in mind.



The best presenter host in Singapore is able to adapt to various event types and crowds. No two events are the same, so being able to adapt and focus on delivering the best results is very important. Without that, the emcee will not be able to deliver their true potential, and that will bring in its fair share of challenges. It’s crucial to have the right host/emcee that can adapt to the style of event you want to have, as that’s what really matters. It’s definitely not a walk in the park, but the outcome will be a great one.


Research and preparation

The top Emcee in Singapore doesn’t just show up and host the event. They actually research heavily on the company, prepare guidelines, the things they need to do to make the event stand out, foreshadow potential challenges, and prepares for the unexpected. It’s definitely not a walk in the crowd, but they do it because they want to deliver the best experience to attendees. Plus, this makes the event better! A professional Emcee is educated when it comes to the type of business, the way it works, how they can adapt and so on. The more they focus on the research and preparation, the better the results you can achieve, and that’s what will really set apart your event from others.


Audience engagement

Needless to say, no two audiences are the same. Different event types will require different engagement levels and styles. A live stream event, for example, is very different when compared to a physical event. The audiences are not there, so engaging them can be very challenging. You want good, professional Emcee services in Singapore that can adapt to the audience and keep them engaged no matter what. That’s the right approach when shortlisting your emcee, and the results will be nothing short of staggering in the long run.


Infectious energy

The best Emcee in Singapore is always bringing in a lot of infectious energy. And that’s very important, because it helps improve audience likeability towards your event, and delivers tremendous results. It’s can be easy to be energetic but having the stamina to maintain it throughout the duration of the event is the challenging part. A professional Emcee can always deliver infectious energy and maintain a high level of excitement, which is an important trait you want in your emcee.



A good Emcee is also well spoken. They are not afraid of speaking in front of large crowds, and they never mumble (unless intended as part of a joke). The best Emcee is always calculating their words and doing their best to bring the show to new heights. It’s important for the Emcee to have a lot of charisma, but the way they talk is just as important. If you can’t talk the talk and walk the walk, then the event is not going to shine, and that’s obviously the thing to avoid here.


A polished presence

You have to keep in mind that the Emcee is your event’s face, and you do want them to showcase a professional presence. If they are not doing that properly, then you will have issues. The crucial aspect here is making sure the Emcee looks great, professional, and they know how to tackle any possible situation. In doing so, they will make things better and results can be incredible every time. So yes, the way an Emcee presents themselves is just as important as the event and experience as a whole.


Being compassionate

The top Emcee in Singapore always cares about others and they are very compassionate. In order to connect with others and be a good presenter, you have to care about them, their needs and requirements. You must connect with them at an emotional level, and that is going to come in handy. Not only will people be a lot more interested in the overall experience, but at the same time this will help push the boundaries and deliver much better and more cohesive results every time. Compassion is indeed everything, as it will certainly draw people in to the presenter. In the end, this can make your event a success, and that’s what matters.


Staying composed

There are times when things can get out of hand. It’s crucial to stay composed and ensure that any issue is solved calmly. Without calm, you as the organiser will have a lot of additional pressure, and the attendees will not be comfortable. This is why every Emcee Singapore needs to be polite and very professional. Things will not always end up the way you want it, but that’s a given. As long as issues are tackled appropriately, every minor issue can be solved. You want your host to be able to do that.



Hiring the top Emcee in Singapore is extremely important if you want your event to be a success. Gladys Bay is a professional Emcee/presenter host in Singapore with 6 years of experience in this field. As a dedicated female emcee/presenter-host in Singapore, she knows how to engage audiences and ensure that your event is a success. Not only does Gladys have all the traits listed above, but she is constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver incredible results in the long term. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with Gladys today if you want a memorable and successful event!