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Important Traits Of Virtual, Hybrid, Physical Events Event Organisers Need To Know When Choosing Your Emcee

What Makes An Event Successful?

The entire success of an event could be said to be dependent on the host.

The host/emcee is the face of your event. In spite of all the planning you have done on the backend, if your emcee is unable to ensure your event flows smoothly, the event will appear disorganised to your audience.

Choosing the right host for your event is not just a consideration; it’s a necessity.


The Role of an MC (Emcee)

MC (emcee) also called “Master of ceremonies” is the official host of a ceremony, staged event, conference, convention, or similar performance.

The basic role of an emcee includes:

  • Following the agenda accurately

  • Ensuring no event plan, detail, nor information is forgotten

  • Clearly communicate accurate, authentic information to the audience

  • Making all transitions go smoothly

  • Having the event start and end on time.

However, as an emcee, there are more complex duties behind the scenes. This includes:

  • Anticipating challenges that may arise and preparing for them ahead

  • Building up soft skills such as flexibility and adaptability to smoothly cover up should challenges happen on the event itself

  • Planning for and conducting entertaining activities

  • Keeping the audience engaged through humour, games, and etc.

The chief role of an emcee is to keep harmony between different segments of the event by seamlessly filling in the gaps and integrating everything together. If the event appears to flow smoothly in front of your audience despite mishaps happening on the backend, you have chosen a wonderful emcee.


How To Choose My Emcee?

Know Your Event! The first step to choosing an emcee is to know what kind of event you are setting up and what are its requirements.

Different events require different skill sets from the emcee.

Previously, when physical events were the norm. Emcees could host face-to-face with the audience. With the pandemic situation and advances in technology, Virtual and Hybrid events have overtaken the events space throughout the world! More organisers are choosing to digitally host their shows and connect to a worldwide audience.


Main Differences Between Physical, Virtual, And Hybrid Events

Physical Events focus on in-person interaction. Both the audience and emcee are present physically in one place. The audience will hear the event’s happenings as long as they are around the event area.

Virtual Events happen online through live streaming. The host and the audience are connected virtually but the audience has a greater choice in choosing to tune in. Unlike physical events where they hear the booming ambience of the event through the host’s microphone, audiences in a virtual event can choose to exit the stream at any time.

Hybrid Events are an amalgamation of both physical and virtual events. In addition to live streaming in the digital space, a number of people are present physically. This provides an extra challenge as hosts will need to engage audiences in both the physical and virtual space.


Common Goal

Regardless of event types, events are commonly used by most to spread awareness, build excitement about the brand/product/event, and provide a memorable experience. This, however can be achieved only if you hire a professional emcee adept at hosting and engaging your audience throughout the event.


What To Look Out For When Choosing A Host/Emcee Amidst The COVID-19 Situation?

There’s a large number of emcees in the market. This section offers a quick comparison between event types and their challenges which will help you in choosing the most suitable presenter host in Singapore.

Here are 5 important things you need to consider when looking for a Singapore Emcee:

Engagement. If you’re holding a virtual event, people from all other areas even around the world can join. There is potential for a much wider audience turnout as compared to in-person events. The biggest challenge for a virtual events emcee is to keep the audience engaged. The minute you lose your audience’s interest, they will drop out of the stream. An experienced emcee knows how to arrange the content and present the information so audiences stay interested, and remain throughout the live.

Attention to detail. This is not specific to virtual events but all event types. On top of attention to detail in terms of information and communication, the way the host presents themselves is also part of this criteria. Their natural disposition and fashion will need to match up to the brand image. If the event is about an elegant and high-end jewellery brand, your emcee needs to ensure every aspect of their appearance adheres to the brand image. From the hair, makeup, outfit, shoes, and even the way they hold the jewellery is crucial. For this purpose, check out the stills Notice that this emcee & host in Singapore is highly versatile and pays much detail to her appearance and disposition. Highly detailed in her work, her photographs show the focus she puts into ensuring she meets the demands of each event.

Multi-tasking skills. The biggest challenge can be said to be in hybrid events that require engaging both physical and virtual audiences. There needs to be a balance between interaction with both audiences. Emcees hosting hybrid events need to be quick on their feet and entertain both audiences. They need to manage and respond quickly to the comments and queries of both types of audience, entertain, and facilitate.

Technological familiarity. Technology presents itself as one major difference between physical, virtual, and hybrid events. When it came to in-person events, emcees previously did not require technical expertise. In contrast, virtual and hybrid events prefer hosts more adept with technology. Information about challenges such as audio lags, hang time, comments lag, privacy settings, share functions, and other live stream exclusive features can be essential in informing your audience and educating them when they are facing such issues watching the stream. You may want to hire an emcee who works well with technology, and is familiar with the live stream functions so they can fix any glitch which may occur during the event seamlessly.

Amiability. In physical events, as long as the audience is within the vicinity e.g. the area within the mall, they will hear the booming voice of the host from the microphone. This provides more opportunity for the event to entice the shopper over to join the event. In contrast, the success of a virtual event is dependent on whether the viewer wants to watch the stream. While it is highly dependent on the brand and attractiveness of the event’s activities, the amiability of the host (as the face of the event) is crucial. A vibrant and energetic personality, real and personable traits can make a big difference. Different types of virtual events require different things as well. Live conferences are more formal and while some humour is appreciated, the focus is on a smooth flow of events. Live selling however, is highly dependent on a conversational hosting style. This Singaporean emcee, has hosted many different types of live shows you can read these testimonials, where people have shared their experience with this emcee host in Singapore. She is able to adjust her presentation style accordingly and people feel comfortable engaging with her on live stream.


The Perfect Host

In order to be a great emcee in 2021, one needs to have a colourful personality. Hosting is all about the audience, and making them feel connected. A suitable host performs according to the demands of the event, whether physical, virtual or hybrid. The emcee needs to be flexible to host any kind of show and address any type of challenges/queries that surface on the show.

This emcee from Singapore is an excellent example of a versatile host. She is a presenter-host in Singapore with a good number of experience. Head to her portfolio here.

Not only does she represent the assigned brand remarkably, she is immensely skilled and dedicated to her work. Having conducted all types of events – hybrid, virtual, and physical with flying colours, she is the next face of Best Singapore Emcee.