Gladys Bay

What people say


Worked with Gladys on 3 occasions. She’s mighty mighty mouse. A petite host with a Huge personality. Quick thinking, accommodating & came well-prepared every time. You go girl!

– Mavis Chang

Gladys has hosted one of my company’s fb live session. She was very professional and certainly knows her job well. She surprised me when she asked many relevant questions to the business. She must had done her research of the product and services of our business beforehand! She was able to hold the audiences attention throughout the session too.

Thank you Gladys for a fantastic job done! Hope to work with you again.

– Joyce Chong

Gladys is a bilingual emcee that not only was she friendly, she’s also very accommodating. She was able to engage the audience and brought much laughter and joy to the entire event!

– ShiXian Woon

Had Gladys at a launch and CNY lunch event. Love her energy and voice, would love to work with her again. Also, she is very responsive prior to the event.

– Ziyi Lim

A very friendly emcee who loves children and is skilled in lightening up the atmosphere of your event! Gladys is also good at engaging with the guests, making sure each of them had a good time with our mascots during the event!

– Huiting Eng

Have personally seen Gladys host for events and she was spectacularly engaging! Would highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to grab the attention of the audience

– Marcus Sim

Hired Gladys to emcee a race. She had great energy and was good working the crowd. Will definitely recommend her.

– Aileen Seet

Sibei good host!! Cheerful! Would love to work with her again!

– Jackson Lim

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