Gladys Bay

Gladys Bay

Host | Actress | Voice Over

Gladys Bay

Host | Actress | Voice Over
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Hi there

Thanks for joining me in my space! I really appreciate it. It took a while to put this little thing together so I’m really proud of this baby. More than that, I’m excited to continue this journey and my site will be growing with me!

Feel free to check in with me if you have any feedback, enquiries, bookings, or you’re just looking to connect! Meanwhile, happy browsing. 

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Fun fact, I was a pretty late bloomer to the habit of photography and videography. A couple years later, I couldn’t visually look back on these events so special and memorable to me. 

So, I’ve started documenting.

Watch this 60-second snippet to check out what I’ve done as an emcee and actress in Singapore.

zooming in

on different sides

I believe with different hairstyles, make up, outfits, and attitude, we can look completely different.

Every new person I meet tells me I look like a certain celebrity/one of their friends/just really familiar. For me, i’m not really sure what is the deciding factor though. Check out these links and let me know what you think!

We only know what people choose to share, so be a kind human.

Be generous with your love and allow people to support you too.

// Just a little mantra I live by.

Brands I’ve worked with

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